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I am waiting for Mick Fleetwood in a mansion that he has rented in Malibu. I am sitting in the kitchen, which is painted in ice-cream colours: pistachio, strawberry and vanilla.In his new autobiography, Play On, Fleetwood says that he’s 6ft 6in.Yet somehow they carried on, realising that the drama was also creating great art (and making them enormous sums of money).

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Inextricably tied up with the out-of-control spending and the rock’n’roll excess are his failed marriages.Fleetwood Mac were patron saints of the ridiculous tour rider.It was all fabulous and depraved and, at its worst, none of the band members was even talking to each other.Besides Recor, the 67-year-old has two other ex-wives, one of whom, Jenny, the sister of Pattie Boyd (the girlfriend of Eric Clapton), he married and divorced twice.In fact, the book reads in many ways like a broken and distorted love letter to Jenny, who is the mother to two of his daughters, Lucy and Amy.

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