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Sexual orientation change in children and adolescents should not be a goal of mental health and behavioral interventions".

The authors are clear that the inherent gender orientation, gender identity, and gender expression of each individual child CANNOT be changed through behavioral health interventions or social pressure - a conclusion that is now supported by virtually all professional behavioral health and medical associations as well as the DSM and the ICD.

The course is pre-approved or automatically approved for 3 Credit Hours by multiple State and national mental health and addiction licensing and certification boards including Florida, Alabama, and Texas, Texas TCBAP and TAAP, IC&RC, NAADAC, Florida Certification Board, and EACC for 3 total PDHs for Domains I, III (renewal effective April 10, 2018).

Most professionals believe that such things as becoming sexually involved with a client or violating a client's confidentiality are the primary issues which present a potential for ethics violations. Course 3C focuses upon the details of how to perform and DOCUMENT a professionally competent Biopsychosocial Assessment of Children and Adolescents (whether routine or emergency) without the LEGAL, ETHICAL, AND PROFESSIONAL vulnerability which can come back to haunt us long after the fact.

They don't realize that 'scope of practice' and 'professional competence' and 'acting in the best interest of the client' are common reasons why providers are disciplined for ethics violations and may be sued for malpractice in a court of law. Learn why the ETHICAL canons pertaining to Professional Competency, Acting in the Best Interest of the Client, and Scope of Practice are inseparable from how we go about assessing, diagnosing, and documenting treatment of children and adolescents.

Course 6J - Ending Conversion Therapy: Supporting and Affirming LGBTQ Youth This course – 'Ending Conversion Therapy: Supporting and Affirming LGBTQ Youth' – is sponsored online by CEU By Net and earns 6.75 Clock Hours of credit for multiple State Mental Health and Addiction Boards including Florida, Texas, TCBAP-TAAP, the Alabama Board for Social Work, and Florida Certification Board. 6.75 PDHs are awarded by EACC re-reviewed April 10, 2018.

The course also awards 4.5 California BBS Hours and 4.5 NBCC Hours.

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