Updating sandisc vista

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When your San Disk Cruzer flash drive, external hard drive, USB drive, SD card or other storage devices cannot be recognized or deleted by computer, just follow the solutions below to recover your data. Right-click on the entry with the error mark, select Uninstall. On the top menu, click Action then select Scan for hardware changes.

What should I do when my San Disk Cruzer is not recognized by my computer? If you have important data inside San Disk Cruzer, we do not recommend you to format or uninstall San Disk Cruzer in a hurry.

After you install the updater you might need to restart the computer.

Then, take the Rhapsody cd and place it back in the box, you won't be needing it because it is useless.

Don't worry, if you do this instructable right you might get out of this without a hitch.

Start by reading the quick guide and any other materials it came with.

Instead those players use an "Auto Detect" function that is suppose to Automatically use MTP mode.

If MTP mode does not work for any reason, it should default to MSC mode."The problem is that your computer can't recognize the Sansa View because its firmware cannot be updated ,and its firmware can't be updated because it's in MTP mode,and you have to switch it in MSC mode. Cat ID=1376 and install the Sansa View firmware updater.

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