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This fortunately doesn't matter for us in general, although it's very slightly inconvenient for me.PPS: For NFS exporting ZFS filesystems specifically, you probably want to include the Linux VMworld is only a few weeks away.Unlike the older version, the termcap and terminfo data are provided in the same file, which also provides several user-definable extensions beyond the X/Open specification.

updating bsd vs debian-12

It's a rule of thumb, and it's mostly true about core kernel code.

The end results you can get are mostly similar (with one difference that may matter for us someday), but Linux gets there in a significantly different way.

To simplify a bit, in Illumos you have permissions that apply to things, such as netgroups.

The release notes also mention some bug-fixes, but are focused on new features and improvements to existing features since The motivation for making this extension came from noticing that termcap applications could (though not realistically) use larger numbers than would fit in 16-bits, and the fact that the number of color pairs for a 256-color xterm could not be expressed in terminfo (i.e., 32767 versus 65536).

Also, a few terminals support direct-colors, which could use the extension.

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