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Views are saved SELECT statements that allow you to operate on the results that are returned from them.

They can be used to provide row- or column-level access to data, to wrap up complex joins, to perform complex aggregate queries, and to otherwise customize the display of data. In this chapter, learn how to define, create, and modify views, and how to perform index analysis and optimize performance in SQL Server. The biggest problem is that just when you get used to accepting a limitation, Microsoft comes up with an amazing, new feature that overcomes it!

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DECLARE @Batch Rows INT = 1000000, @Update Rows INT = 4995; IF (OBJECT_ID(N'dbo.

To return the top 10 customers or the top 10% of customers, based on sales over the past year, SQL Server needs to sort customers by sales.

So, a view that returns the top 100% by sales would essentially be a sorted view.

Since I am suggesting to schedule this via a SQL Agent job (it is 100 million rows, after all), I don't think that any form of sending status messages to the client (i.e.

SSMS) will be ideal (though if that is ever a need for other projects, then I agree with Vladimir that using is the way to go).

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