To dating black women

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I don't mean to make this sound worse but the other end is pretty bad too - there are people who actually have race fetishes to date people of specific backgrounds to disrespectful levels.

I hope someone else can explain this better but I read it somewhere before - it's fine to have a preference, but when you fetishise it it's bad.

I recall an Indian teenager cursing his background for apparently being inferior in genetics and blaming it for him being unappealing to everyone, but many Redditors convinced him that his background wasn't the issue.

Forget about the narrative and just get out there and try and be the best you that you can be. If you’re a decent person someone will appreciate it.

Remember you’re an individual and don’t let some statistics from one study tell you how to live your life. If they don’t appreciate it because they’re afraid of a stereotype they don’t deserve you.

Because for many people, dark skin is foreign to them.

In my school right now there are only a handful of black and Indian (less desired as well) girls in my school, while there are plenty of white and Asian girls so people are used to them.

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