Stories of wives physically intimidating husbands

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Many people don’t fit perfectly into just one disorder but cross over to two or more of them.

Here’s a brief description of the three below: Antisocial As Joanna researched more about these disorders, she seriously suspected her husband’s ex-wife crossed between antisocial and histrionic personality disorders, as the unexpected became the expected.

Some of the behaviors Joanna witnessed included the following: Dealing with an ex exhibiting signs of a personality disorder is going to be constant hard work.

She envisioned a relationship with her whereby they would work together on getting the kids to doctor appointments, share recipes, casually talk about their lives, communicate concerns about the kids, and possibly spend certain holidays together as a blended family. Joanna was beginning to think she was crazy when her counselor (yes, she saw a counselor due to this ex-wife) finally introduced her to the fact that his ex-wife might have a personality disorder.

Linda wants to encourage other stepmoms to never give up their new life role and to always look for the joy!

Bill: I'm in a torn situation with no idea where to go from here.

His ex-wife walked in the house to pick up the kids, and as she was leaving dropped the bag of cookies on the floor, stepped on them and told Joanna she would have to clean up the mess.

Not only did she ruin the cookies (which was bad enough), she was dressed in skin-tight jeans, a fake fur vest, high heel boots, lots of makeup, gaudy jewelry and let’s just say her hair took up a lot of space around her head.

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