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This listing puts the entire series of films in their correct running order.The feature films are of varying lengths, and are shown on both BBC and ITV channels at various and oft repeated times.

Oliver Reckitt Kenneth Williams Humphrey Hinton Charles Hawtrey Dorothy Denton Shirley Eaton Matron Hattie Jacques Bernie Bishop Kenneth Conner Nurse Dawson Joan Sims Jill Thompson Jill Ireland Edward York Terence Langdon Percy Hickson Bill Owen Jack Bell Leslie Phillips Sister Joan Hickson Mr Raven Harry Locke Staff Nurse Ann Firbank Mick Brian Oulton The Colonel Wilfred Hyde White Norm Norman Rossington Jane Bishop Susan Shaw Marje Hickson Irene Handl Ginger Michael Medwin Maisie June Whitfield Nurse Nightingale Susan Beaumont (1959 C4 95-minutes B&W) Carry On Constable Long-suffering police sergeant Wilkins (Sid James) finds his patience tested to near breaking point by a new bunch of coppers at the local station, who are sent as relief staff during a flu epidemic.Meanwhile, Mark Anthony has designs on the imperial throne, and on Cleopatra. Caesar Kenneth Williams Mark Anthony Sidney James Hengist Pod Kenneth Conner Cleopatra Amanda Barrie Horsa Jim Dale Seneca Charles Hawtrey Calpernica Joan Sims Spencius Warren Mitchell Gloria Julie Stevens Senna Pod Sheila Hancock Roman Citizen Wanda Ventham Agrippa Francis de Wolff Galley Slave Captain Peter Gilmore Soothsayer Jon Pertwee With: Victor Maddern, Brian Oulton, Tom Clegg and Michael Ward (1964 ITV) Carry On Cowboy Way out west, the peace of Stodge City is shattered when the dreaded Rumpo Kid rides into town and guns down the sheriff.Caesar: Friends, Romans- Mark Anthony: -Countrymen. Knutt, a travelling salesman, finds himself suckered with the job of making the town safe, with some secret help.During one of his performances he falls off the platform and is taken to the chaotic local hospital.Matron romances supercilious Doctor Tinkle, Mr Roper smokes under the bedclothes, Sandra May pops out of her nurses uniform, and Frankie Howerd makes his series debut.

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