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Crew during the 2008 campaign), and wearing the work of minority designers. Obama frequently showed a marked preference for the color purple which, beginning in the year her husband was first elected president, had become something of a symbolic color symbolic of a mixing of blue and red, a political emblem of bi-partisanship. Obama’s years as First Lady has given her a chance to try a wide variety of styles and colors and prints, both for formal wear and also informal.She has been credited by those who closely scrutinize her clothing style as well as the larger trends, for popularizing the use of wide belts at the waist. This replaces the “asked/answered” page and all information from it has been transferred to the blog.Here will be an ongoing public forum on the work of the NFLL and its collections, discussion on new and emerging scholarship and popular publications, news stories, and any other information or discoveries related to directly to the subject of First Ladies.When this was not expected during a visit she made to Saudi Arabia to raise awareness of breast cancer detection and treatment, however, she posed entirely at ease with other women who were covered except for their eyes.

For the first event, she appeared in a light blue, and for the second she wore white. Bush’s numerous trips on her own to African and Middle Eastern nations, Laura Bush respected local custom and often wore headscarves.Similarly, the other First Ladies are iconic more by particular color and style rather than any one definitive, dramatic historical event that what they happened to be wearing that day became part of the permanent collective memory of that moment.The technology of color still photography that came with Kodak’s Kodachrome film in the early 1960 and of color television broadcasts in the latter 1960s influenced the clothing of a wide range of public figures who knew they would be appearing in still or moving images.Many of the First Ladies adopted monochromatic colors for this reason.Barbara Bush followed this tradition with the choice of her Inaugural ball gown, made in a deep royal blue color.

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