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Took my grand-nephew Michael (not his real name) for a walk in Stones wood, which is not far from where I live.

It was a cool October afternoon, and the weather was calm and slightly misty.

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I am curious about ghost but not really a believer but I had an experience about 16 years ago where I saw a ghost I am very sceptical when people go on about orbs and I see pictures of ghosts I think they are all false lighting or faults on cameras but i know what I saw we were driving down Back Lane at Ravenfield heading towards Doncaster Road at the bottom just has you come to the dip in the road there is a graveyard (cliched I know ) but something went across the road very fast not on the ground and I can only describe it as looking like a piece of black voile had been blown across by a sudden gust of wind, although there was no wind I have never told anyone this story except for my husband who drove me to the graveyard in daylight just a year ago out of curiosity I never felt anything except a bit of unease at the thought that I could have seen one of the people buried there.

He reached the top and was Astonished to see a huge black dog, something like a rottweiler but much larger (in fact Mr Fox noted that it was the largest dog he had ever seen), approximately ten feet away from him. Mr Fox remembers feeling as though he was not witnessing an "earthly" event, and described a sudden chill coming over him.

Although not an unrational person, he climbed back down the face as quickly as he could and called out to his friend who was standing below.

The pub is said to be haunted by a woman named Henrietta who had once live near where the pub had been built.

She was unhappy because her Father and brother used to drink and come home drunk and beat her.

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