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I resolved, therefore, to determine the respective distances of some of its chief points from each other by intervals noted by chronometer between the flashes and reports of guns fired from three stations. Superintendent King offered his services to the Assistant-Surveyor, Mr.Glascott, in firing the guns on the 18th of May, when, I am sorry to say, he experienced much temporary injury by the explosion of one of them.The meridian distances of the positions on the shores of the Lake with respect to Ván, deserve some degree of confidence, as the difference of Longitude by Chronometer between it and El-jiváz (the last station at which I observed) agreed within 30" of that deduced from their Latitudes and an Azimuth. G We have also the pleasure to announce the arrival in this country, of Mr. In the course of their journey, as we are informed, the party examined the valley of the Murgh, which reaches an elevation of upwards of 9,000 feet above the sea, and which, according to Armenian tradition, was the resting place of Noah's Ark; and were enabled to complete a very fine map of a large portion of the neighbouring districts.The position of the summit of Sapán Tágh was ascertained by Azimuths taken at Ván, Arnis, and Ardísh; but as my Theodolite in point of accuracy was not what was to be desired, I have omitted inserting it in the table of astronomical positions. Mr Glascott was also, we believe, to have accompanied Mr.The map is constructed on a basis of twenty-two astronomical positions; of these, the Latitudes of thirteen are deduced from observations of the pole-star, and computed according to the rule published in the Nautical Almanac; three are deduced from the mean of the method just mentioned, and circum-meridional Altitudes of the sun; two are from circum-meridional Altitudes of the sun alone; and one (that of Báyazíd) from equal altitudes of the same body, which, of course, is to be considered but as approximate; the other three approximates, viz.Mezirah, Chevlí, and Kháss Kóï, were deduced from observations of the sun off the meridian.

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In the Spring of 1838 examined and reported upon the Coast of Lazistan, between Trebizond and Batoom, and surveyed the latter port. Consul Brant, of Erzeroom, on a tour through Koordistan, made to examine into the resources and state of that country; returned to England in 1839. In 1848 was appointed Surveyor to the British Commission under Colonel (now Lieut-General Sir William) Williams for the Settlement of the Turco-Persian Boundary: since the return of that officer to England in 1853 the charge of the Commission has devolved on him.I was at first apprehensive for his sight; but am now happy that my fears on that score are entirely removed.Our survey of the Barima was finished by the 19th of May; ...p409 We all felt unpleasant effects from our ascent, and the Kurds said everybody experienced the same, which they attributed to the weight of the air. This could not have arisen from the mere height of the mountain, but might be occasioned by the escape of some gas from the crater; although, if so, it was quite imperceptible. The thieves were skilful and bold: they drew the curtain-pegs, and from under it drew out the things: many were in contact with Mr Glascott's bed, but neither he nor any individual of our numerous party heard the thieves, and the loss was not discovered till the next morning.Our barometer failed us at the top of the mountain: the mercury had long been gradually escaping from the tube; but we had hoped by care to have been able to preserve it in a sufficiently effective state to assist our ascertaining the height: however, so much air had got into the mercury that no dependence could be placed on it. We had had two guards to watch during the night, but they pretended not to have heard anything, and they must either have been asleep or accomplices with the robbers. The map of Kurdistán, on the scale of 6 inches to a degree, though not entitled to consideration as a document of strict accuracy, yet will, I trust, be found sufficient to elucidate the geography of the tract of country which it embraces.

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