Sccm dynamic collection not updating

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This will then completely reevaluate the collection memberships.

Speaking SQL it will execute a stored procedure on the database which will rebuild the view for that specific collection.

The same behaviour can be observed when using the ‘Update Membership’ (manual update) button in the Admin Console.

You can image that creating a whole new view puts some load on your box, well, it’s alright for one collection, but if you run the full update too frequently on too many collections with too complex queries then you might get some performance problems.Imagine that happening in your uber large environment with hundreds of collections with complex queries and such.So always keep in mind: Don’t limit your collections by ‘All Systems’!That’s bad for several reasons, one, you can’t use Role Based Administration properly with this, second, you will get problems with you collection updates. Furthermore via Hardware Inventory we know that it’s a Workstation.The following pretty picture (powered by MSPaint) is supposed to show you an easy collection design. If I say ‘Update Membership’ on ‘All Systems’ then the collection evaluation (Coll Eval) process will kick in and check for any new members in All Systems. Coll Eval will now check ALL the collections that are limited by All Systems if these collections are going to be affected by this new member.

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