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And if you've ever had an "I couldn't help but wonder..." moment about how the stories transformed from print into a must-watch HBO darling that pulled in 10 million-plus viewers and spawned copycat shows, a popular New York City bus tour and countless fashion trends, here's the answer. I don't know if there was another woman at the Tasked to come up with a concept that would provide plenty of material, "I said, 'I think it should be about me and my friends, who are all single and crazy.' This was also kind of the same thing that I'd been covering in my 20s — dating and mating rituals."Within 24 hours, her idea was approved and it had a name. That forced the country to be more open about acknowledging sex." Now he just needed a cast. The perfect fit for somewhat cynical type-A lawyer Miranda Hobbes, the only change needed was for the natural blonde to dye her hair red.

Back in 1993, New York-based writer Candace Bushnell had grown weary of the reputation she received from being published in monthly magazines—"No one took writers who worked for women's magazines seriously," she explained in a first person piece for was really a big break in that sense of getting my work into a publication that was taken more seriously—and they loved the piece," she wrote. And that was really what the publications, in a sense, did: Go out and capture the pulse of the city."When the editor-in-chief offered up her own column in 1994, she accepted instantly. The next morning when she came into the office, her editor told her he'd had a brainstorm: "He was like, 'I got the title. One foot in sex and one foot in society.' And we all said 'yes! Roughly four months in, "I started to get inquiries from Hollywood. "I was excited about playing somebody who was so angry, bitter and cynical because, having been a child actor with long blonde hair, I was always playing sweet, waiflike, hippie characters," she explained in Jennifer Keishin Armstrong's new book y, the former child actress from Ohio didn't fancy the idea of committing to a TV series, even as the show's relatable lead Carrie Bradshaw, the heroine loosely based on Bushnell.

The difference is that being in the Soon, continued Bushnell, she was a regular in the paper's pages with her then-editor dubbing her a secret weapon "because people would tell me everything, and I'd be like, 'Please, don't tell me that. According to Armstrong, Star gave Parker the hard sell over a March 1997 lunch at Upper East Side spot E. T., telling her that he heard Carrie in Parker's voice as he wrote the script and that she could be a producer on the show.

Jessica Phyllis Lange was born on April 20, 1949, in Cloquet, Minnesota.

The third of four children, Lange was the daughter of Dorothy Florence and Albert John Lange, who was an educator and salesman.

In recent years, Lange has given several impressive performances on television. Critics have hailed her scene-stealing turn as Constance, the oddball neighbor to the family living in a house haunted by a dark and brutal past.

She won a 2012 Emmy for the role as well, followed by another win in 2014 for playing Fiona Goode.

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