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Learning a trade can be really valuable and save you considerable money when it comes to renovating a property.

Time in the industry will enable you to adopt your own way of doing things and find the best people to work with to achieve the best results. All your plans sound exciting but I am particularly looking forward to seeing the restoration show in November.

My father was an architect and so I was around building sites all my childhood – I guess it’s in my blood.

I love the process of taking a new project to market – it’s never easy, but fantastically satisfying if it all goes to plan. Tepilo is constantly developing, but we have a big marketing campaign coming up, some apps launching and we’re working towards an overseas section to the site.I think what makes it powerful – is once you have built up a trusted network, getting good advice is really quick.I can see the view that it may become the new search.has previously used the strapline "Matchmaking our fabulous friends" and has relied on limited amounts of banner advertising.Agency sources suggest that the dating site is now looking to invest in press and television activity in a bid to support the brand.

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