Problems updating entropia universe

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I agree with Techie007 that you should update only if you are having problems.I disagree with him that when you do update, you should start with the latest device manufacturer drivers.There could be many reasons for the change that don't reflect changes in the technology, like marketing considerations.I wouldn't draw any conclusions from such a messaging change.If you don't have the hardware or software the update is designed for, you won't benefit from it.If you do have that hardware or software and the OEM driver doesn't address the issue, try the device manufacturer's driver but be prepared to roll it back if you encounter new problems.My guess would be that OEMs don't actually like investing in the resources required to keep customized drivers up-to-date for various components for many different models.Since users keep computers for much longer than the OEM actively supports, over the years I have seen lots of complaints about how the OEM "refuses to" update their required custom drivers to support new feature/fix implemented by the manufacturer in the baseline driver, or to support new operating system versions, etc. So it's easier and cheaper for them to just use the product within the baseline specs, with the common/baseline driver.

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The device manufacturers update drivers for several reasons.

One is that bugs are discovered in the original driver. If your computer is more than a year old and you haven't encountered a bug that affected it from the beginning, the likelihood is low that you need a bug fix.

Another reason for updates is to improve compatibility with specific new hardware or software.

One would argue that it's better to always run the latest drivers of AMD (or NVidia or Intel) to gain the best experience.

However, I remember that this was discouraged by manufacturers and graphic card producers alike because the custom-build of the OEM (in this case Acer) might conflict with some of the properties in the newest driver. the message was "Use drivers that are approved by your notebook's manufacturer." However, I can't seem to find such messages anywhere anymore. Whenever I build new computers or reinstall the OS from scratch (personally or when I worked for an OEM) I always use the latest versions of the drivers from the manufacturers.

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