Persona 4 dating guide

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Persona 5 probably has the most in-depth romance system that the series has seen.

If you enter a relationship with someone, you'll be able to take them on dates and you'll unlock multiple special scenes that play out at set points during the story. There are a total of nine characters who you can romance in Persona 5 - all of them women.

Once you've unlocked her social link, you can usually find her standing next to the library on the third floor of the school during the day.

Hang out with Makoto enough times, and you'll be given the option of starting a relationship when her confidant rank is high enough.

Hang out with Ann enough times, and you'll be given the chance to start a relationship when her confidant rank is high enough.

Makoto Niijima Type: Teammate How to romance Makoto: Makoto automatically joins your team as the story progresses.

Romancing multiple girls will eventually come back to bite you much later in the story, so think carefully before committing to a relationship. Once you've decided to enter a relationship, you'll be stuck with your choice for the rest of your playthrough. We've got all Persona 5's exam and test answers solved. We also have a Persona 5 social links guide, including where to find all confidants and how to rank up fast in Persona 5.

Visit Ohya enough times and you'll eventually get the chance to romance her once her confidant rank is high enough.

This is well worth doing, and all this content is exclusive to the PS Vita version of the game.

True Ending: Right before the end of the game you need to talk to everyone who’s social links you have maxed out.

Unlocking all the story content in Persona 4 Golden can be a minefield.

One wrong move and you’ll be missing out on both additional story and gameplay.

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