Online dating site for canada

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I’m definitely not but hey if that’s your thing power to you.I’ve only used 2 sites and 2 apps over the last 234 days because the rest were terrible.Not someone that makes me want to escape or feel alone.One can’t be afraid to ask the tough questions if they want the right thing.The last 3 years have been a total learning experience.Lately any time I ignored my list I’ve regretted it big time.

So long as I follow my rules and what I want it’s all awesome.You know this especially in person when you’re more interested in their occupation than them as a person. I mean let’s face it who wants to date someone they’re not going to be with for long?I guess a lot of people want the casual thing and say otherwise but that’s not my thing. With some people you can for sure but with some you definitely can’t.I mean why would I want to invest time with women that would make me feel like I’ve been stealing from the person I’m supposed to be with?Looking at the numbers having a stalker that doesn’t give up every 6 months isn’t too bad.

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