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As long as you want to be in the woods, you won't have plentiful options to choose from, that's just the way it is. I'd also suggest a visit to Asheville, NC, and maybe even Bellingham, WA, or Portland, OR.

Like anyone who doesnt fit society's 'norm' you will have challenges meeting new people. Then, when you do meet new people, many of them are gonna wrinkle thier nose at your lifestyle. (Kermit the Frog)I spent some time on the road, gatherings, harvests... There are woods, LOTS of woods, very close to each of those areas, yet also a large population of people living alternative lifestyles.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. I find it almost impossible to find someone relatable except when I'm back on the road but that's only every couple of months.

Here's my problem, I'm a dirty traveling hippie occasionally stuck in my small hometown where there are no guys who have similar experiences or beliefs as I do. Move to Greenwich village in NYC, you'll blend right in and probably meet lots of people into all or some of the things you're into. Seems to me you're standing in the doorway, with one foot on either side.

Some people also cover the plant with a box, bowl, or other object that completely blocks out the sun.

The new leaves will be almost as good as early spring leaves—but if the plant is covered, the nutritional content will be slightly reduced. If the leaves are still youngish, but the plant has sent up stems and buds, try soaking the leaves in salt water, as the French do.

Right now, some of you are crinkling your noses and saying, “Ick! They helped keep the early settlers alive; they made the pioneers more healthy; they even helped make family food budgets stretch further during The Great Depression and World War II.

But somehow, after the war, the role of dandelions in the North American diet declined.

I would suggest meeting people when you are out being your hippie self.If nothing else, it is totally worth a try to lure hippie-friendly men. There are many, many people who prefer a life away from phones, computers, clocks, traffic etc.Considering you are a university student, obviously have a computer, nice clothes, wear makeup, can afford cigarettes and tattoos etc For you being a hippie must be a part time passion. They are out there but probably not living and working in a small town.If you find one and mention POF to him, he'll probably think it's some sort of conspiracy by The Man to make people conform to his standards.There's enough news as it is, that the government is tapping into people's computers and cell phones to see what the public is up to. I would have thought you would meet many, many men who do this during your travels.

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