One more clock weather not updating

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Some of the features are: With this template you will have a highly customizable homepage with modular structure.

You can set the number to columns, their size, and what blocks should load and there order.

Metotemplates has quite extensive list of possible interfaces: The control panel is easy to use and very intuitive and allows you to set up your template from one place.

This page includes links to all the administration pages and is accessible after you log in as an administrator.

Recently, Briand rebuild the whole system to include option to change units, color scheme (dark and light), and new menu system.

The new version gives you the ability to make many personal preferences in the settings.

There is history and trend section for tracking your past weather movements.

The software has the useful data import feature - If you already collected some historical weather data the software gives you the option to import it.

They are used by weather enthusiast all over the world to share their current and historical weather data on the web.

I assume you have all the necessary pre requirements like the hosting and domain. WEATHER STATION web template is a beautifully designed, free weather website template developed by Brian Underdown.

With it you will be able to use data generated by your weather station or your personal software and display it on your personal homepage in real time and without refreshing the page.

This allows to fine tune the way the template works.

Such options include: A grate new addition is the new daylight/night hours features including a relative real-time sun position and movement.

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