Olly murs dating jessica wright

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Music composed and performed by Steve Wright and Ben return to Liverpool, where Lisa is set up with a modelling agency. Lisa delves further up the career path and Ben has an illicit affair and is involved in dodgy dealings with Burton Phillips. 2008 series following Niall Rafferty as he returns for revenge on Steph Cunningham, Craig Dean and Tom Cunningham, which leads to the dramatic death of Niall. The show features signed and unsigned acts performing in and around the Hollyoaks set.

Meanwhile, Kris and Malachy Fisher return to Ireland to attend their father's funeral as Malachy and Mercedes Mc Queen marry. A Christmas special was announced in November 2010, due to air in December.

Sarah Barnes, Nancy Hayton and Zoe Carpenter head off on a "girly" road trip as the Dirty Diegos enter 'Battle of the Bands'. Along with the performances, The Hollyoaks Music Show also features fashion awards in each episode from episode 11 onwards.

It follows four main stories: Hannah, Rhys and Josh Ashworth go off to a music festival, where they encounter a dangerous drug dealer, Tony Hutchinson marries Cindy Cunningham after several mishaps, the Mc Queens go to London for Theresa's modelling and Sarah Barnes and Zoe Carpenter are joined by Sarah's jealous girlfriend Lydia Hart on a parachute jump which leads to Sarah's death after Lydia sabotages her parachute. The award is presented to an act from the same episode for their clothing style.

Joe Spencer and his friends go on a night out that ends in disaster.

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He then dies a painful death causing celebrations round Chester to those he raped The episode followed events in the main series which saw Kathleen Mc Queen blackmailing her family. It is sponsored by British retailer Matalan and hosted by Rick Edwards.

Meanwhile Rhys Ashworth, Gilly Roach, Jessica Harris and Olivia Johnson go on a trip to a spiritrist camp.

In 2006, Andy Holt returns after surviving the fall and seeks his revenge against Russ by kidnapping his sister Nicole.

Sam and Russ come in to free Nicole but Andy attacks them with a metal pole and threatens to rape Nicole but then Mel bursts in and whacks him over the head with the metal pole and begins to laugh at him as she calls the police.

Whilst tied up, Andy let's slip to Russ and Nicole about Sam's involvement in the rapes. Amy Conachan A short series on channel 4 where hollyoaks held open auditions to cast a new character and showed the audition process The Hollyoaks Music Show is a music television programme broadcast as part of T4 on Channel 4.

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