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The fees for the license are: and .00 for veterans having a disability of 60% OR MORE.

(The .00 license provides some additional tags not included in the free permit for veterans with a 60% or more certified disability.) Persons with proper certification from the USDVA or its successor, certifying that the person is a disabled veteran in receipt of compensation at the 100% rate are exempt from the fees for: There shall be no exemptions except for residents sixty-four (64) years of age or older provided such residents have obtained a senior citizen’s license pursuant to the provisions of Section 4-133 of this title.

The VRC will work with the Veteran to determine if an employment handicap exists as a result of his or her service connected disability.

If an employment handicap is established and the Veteran is found entitled to services.

Retirement benefits received by an individual from any component of the Armed Forces of the U. shall be exempt from taxable income in an amount not to exceed the greater of 75% of such benefits or ,000.

All honorably discharged veterans who are currently Oklahoma residents shall be allowed free admission to all state-owned or state–operated parks and museums.

Direct Hire Authority 5-9-111 and 10-9-112 [0-4.13(C)].

Applicants for LPN, RN, and Nurse Manager positions may apply directly to the veterans centers.

Referral to other resources may include state vocational rehabilitation programs; Department of Labor employment programs for disabled veterans; state, federal or local agencies providing services for employment or small business development; internet-based resources for rehabilitation and employment; and information about applying for financial aid.

The benefit amount is graduated according to the degree of the Veteran's disability on a scale from 10 percent to 100 percent (in increments of 10 percent).

Compensation may also be paid for disabilities that are considered related or secondary to disabilities occurring in service and for disabilities presumed to be related to circumstances of military service, even though they may arise after service. Vet Centers across the country provide a broad range of counseling, outreach, and referral services to combat Veterans and their families.

Legal resident veterans having a disability of 60% or more are exempt from the Wildlife Land Stamp requirements Disability compensation is a monthly tax-free benefit paid to Veterans who are at least 10% disabled because of injuries or diseases that were incurred in or aggravated during active duty, active duty for training, or inactive duty training.

A disability can apply to physical conditions, such as a chronic knee condition, as well as a mental health conditions, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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