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Before we say more, we have a recommendation: As you read this page, allow yourself to be aware of any strong emotions that this question stirs up in you and, if the feelings get to be too much, take a break or do whatever else you might need to calm down.

This question always involves strong feelings, both in those who have been hurt by an unwanted or abusive sexual experience in childhood, and in people who care about them.

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While we continue adding information on this subject, please know that much of the information currently found here can be useful to men who've experienced sexual assault as adults. But we can offer, based on years of experience and study, some information and some thoughtful reflections on this sensitive issue.On the other hand, if it was someone you looked up to – or even loved, especially if you still love them – the wish to understand why they hurt you may be much stronger.The answer to this question will feel very important.Remember, what is true for you, in your situation, may be completely different from the experience of someone else, even someone who was used or abused by the same person.There is no simple reason for why someone misuses a position of power or influence to be sexual with a child.

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