Mobile me not updating people predating 20th century

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On these devices our application will show your approximate location, as long as you are connected to the internet. Google play services are used to determine location i OS If you are an i Phone or i Pad user, please check i OS settings → Privacy → Location services.

Some mobile devices do not have built-in GPS receivers, such as the i Pod Touch, Wi Fi-only i Pad, Amazon Kindle Fire/Kindle Fire HD 7 and some Android tablets. *Note: you can see it only if you have Google Play services installed (enabled) on your Android device.

Cellular data, mobile data, whatever you want to call it, is one of those things that only becomes a life necessity once you acquire your first smartphone.

It’s only when you lose connectivity that you realize you don’t know how to get anywhere without Google Maps, don’t have anything to read without Flipboard, and don’t know how to communicate with people through any medium other than Whats App.

Your tracker sends its location back over the cellular network, so adequate cell service is required.

If your tracker hasn’t updated in a while, there is a good chance it’s in a cellular dead zone and will update as soon as it moves out of that area.

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Problems may arise when trying to locate yourself indoors, on a narrow street or when driving a car.

The longer the GPS has not been used, the more time it takes.

The speed of location determining depends on the device, not on the app.

My device definitely has GPS, but it still does not give me the location. Geolocation data sharing should be enabled for MAPS. To avoid unwanted data while roaming, you can turn off all mobile data, activate a flight mode or disable mobile data for MAPS. Android and i OS devices (8.3 version) can use GPS in the flight mode.

If you have difficulty determining your location with GPS, enable (disable, if enabled) “Google Play Services”* in the app settings.

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