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Carrie assumes he's refering to Sebastian, but as she begins to explain, he tells her that she should have told him she was a virgin.Carrie tells him that she didn't want to make a big deal out of it because that adversely affected her last relationship.However, the date of the ceremony conflicts with her plans to spend the day with Weaver.She resolves not to cancel on either boy, aware that it will be difficult to be there for both of them.At first, Weaver is reluctant to share anything personal, but he erects a deal with Carrie to open up if she does.After admitting - off the record - that his brother's funeral was even darker than shown in his play, he and Carrie share a kiss.In Too Close for Comfort, Carrie gleans that Weaver is writing a play about his ex-girlfriend.

Instead of being chastised, Larissa commends her for her committment to the story.On her date with Weaver, Carrie bluntly asks if he's still in love with his ex.Weaver is amused as he laughs and tells her that his ex is a "cray bitch".Carrie is relieved until Weaver tells her that he thinks staying friends with an ex can cause problems. While Carrie is changing into dry clothes, she asks Weaver to retrive a snack from her purse.Before Carrie can contemplate telling him about Sebastian, it suddenly starts to rain. When she returns from the bathroom, she finds him reading her journal.

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