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Anything that gets people out of their homes and into public spaces, meeting and conversing with others, will help single people to become integrated into their communities and ideally, find their true love.

What should singles be looking for when choosing where to live?

The advantage of being single is that you've yet to form bonds of marriage/partnership/children that might limit your choice of residence.

But for those planning to form such bonds -- and statistically, that's still most Americans -- flexibility in residence is a good plan.

Sitting in a theater or dining at a fancy restaurant don’t always provide opportunities for meaningful conversation.Married and cohabiting people can split the rent or mortgage, although single people are on their own -- unless they have roommates.Investments in public parks, community events and spaces like theaters and free concerts, small business start-ups, opportunities for participating in local politics, and other perks that appeal to young professionals are also key.Singles should think about the activities they enjoy most, and then find a city that is a good match on that dimension.The number of nightclubs in a city may not be of interest to a non-drinker.

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