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But Connor has been murdered by the time he arrives and everyone in Shanghai is a suspect. Nazis, Japanese imperialists, British diplomats and Chinese war lords all compete to see who can speak the most lunatic dialogue without laughing. The Japanese bad guys wear brown Red Army uniforms. Wandering in and out of the confusion is Gong Li, making her bid for English-speaking action-movie stardom.People keep telling her “You must leave Shanghai.” One character says, emphatically, “Get the out of Shanghai! Some of the other talented but wasted people who should follow her through the doors marked “Exit” are Ken Watanabe, Chow Yun-Fat, Rinko Kikuchi and David Morse.They are all directed with supreme incompetence by somebody named Mikael Hafstrom.

At least Gong is ravishing, which occasionally takes your mind off the gibberish that is going full tilt around her.1941.

He was a rebel without a cause, with a dark untrusting vision of the universe. Such was his affiliation with the era that it's no surprise that only he could have masterminded the perfect Eighties movie homage, the high-school reunion (and hitman) comedy Grosse Point Blank.

His first venture into adult roles, in The Grifters in 1990, promised a career on the top of the A-list.

It's as good as it gets." The Weinstein brothers-produced film stars a who's who of Oriental cinema – Chow Yun-Fat, Gong Li, Ken Watanabe, and Babel star Rinko Kikuchi.

Cusack describes his character, Paul Soames, as "a classic fish-out- of-water story on some level because he's an American trying to figure out the death of his friend, another US agent who was killed in Shanghai.

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