Is not dating black people racist v3 chat profiles dating script

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It is designed for the "exclusive use" of a certain group of people to the "exclusion" of others.That has nothing to do about being able to build a web site exclusive to a different group.Shops still have the right to refuse entry to black (or white) people and some still do. Other sites give you a choice of what race you prefer.There are also sites for people who just want sex and yet others for gay people and lesbians. I swear it's almost like people make fake accounts to make conservatives look bad it's embarrassing.It is about discriminating against "race" in this case, thus my comment about it being racist.

This poses three interesting questions; Do we really want equality? The site has not discriminated by not allowing other races to join, but only to point out that this is a place for black singles to meet.A society that values white women over all other women.After seeing a TV commercial on I couldn't help but to think what if it was, wouldn't the the black community throw a goddam fit having the NAACP and Al Sharpton all over the news trying to ban the site.West Africans with a more broader nose and even there I’m generalising a lot because there are many, many exceptions to that rule.African Americans due to the mixing of the races since slavery come in all shapes and sizes.

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