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There are sets of clubs with Andy Robertson, Archie Mc Donald stamped on them. Incidentally, they were well regarded as club makers and helped Nat Rosasco form a quality product when he founded the Northwestern Golf Co.

I'm unsure if there are any with Alex Robertson on them or not. They had a dispute with Rosasco over wages nad went to work elsewhere in Chicago, not being prepared to accept the same wages offered to them that Rosasco was paying his imigrant Polish workforce.

We sit in a smart cabana by the pool, and Ekland begins telling me about a reality TV show she’s just finished filming – Swedish Hollywood Wives. “When you’re an actress you have a script, a director, someone doing your make-up. You’ve got a microphone glued to your body in between your breasts.” Her breasts!

I had no idea they would do that, I just stipulated I would not do naked from behind. Christopher Lee and he were both very closed, dour people.

It was really freezing doing that naked dancing.” It was reportedly so cold the cast had to suck on ice cubes to stop their breath from showing.

“I went down to London on my day off because my skirts weren’t fitting me properly so I thought I should have a pregnancy test.

I keep the putter mounted in my TV room (along with my Dad's Mac Gregor-Dayton putter). Played for Brown in 1971 Another Andy Robertson existed prior to 1920 for whom a series of chrome plated "matched five" signature clubs were built by "Burr-Key Built" with hickory shafts.

Andrews, Scotland to work at Burr Key and play golf in tournaments.

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