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Directly south, in the direction of Sant' Angelo, Nicholas V erected a mighty bastion (called the Torrione di Niccolò V), running down from the summit of the hill to Sant' Angelo.

The space mounting the hill in a northerly direction was enclosed by a wall and served as a garden ().

Urban V spent a short time in Rome, and Gregory XI died there. The funds devoted to the repairs of the Vatican during the residence at Avignon had been entirely inadequate.

These buildings were scarcely finished or fitted when the popes moved to Avignon and from 1305 to 1377 no pope resided permanently in the Vatican Palace.

Sixtus V established connection between the two longitudinal wings of the palace by erecting in the middle the Salone Sistino, in which he housed the library.

A second transverse building, constructed by Pius VII in the eastern court, contains the Braccio Nuovo, one section of the museum of sculpture.

Pius II and Paul II beautified the buildings of the south aide, and Innocent VIII effected such alterations in the old palace in the portico of St.

Alexander added to the Palace of Nicholas V the Torre Borgia, which bears his name.

Behind it rises the summit of the hill with the gardens; at the highest points may still be seen the only remains of the Leonine Wall with its two mighty towers.

The palace is approached by the road leading around St.

Please help support the mission of New Advent and get the full contents of this website as an instant download. When Urban V resolved to return to Rome, the Lateran Palace having been destroyed by fire, the ordinary papal residence was fixed at the Vatican. Urban VI (1378) and his successors restored to the palace a degree of comfort as a place of residence, so that, when Martin V came from Constance to Rome (28 September, 1420), little remained to be undertaken except some rearrangement of the apartments.

Includes the Catholic Encyclopedia, Church Fathers, Summa, Bible and more — all for only .99... The apartments, roofs, gardens, and chapels of the Vatican Palace had to be entirely overhauled, so grievous had been the decay and ruin into which the buildings had fallen within sixty years ( Kirsch, "Die Rüchkehr der Päpste Urban V. Nicholas V erected buildings on the east and north sides of the Cortile del Papagallo, on the spot where the Loggia of Raphael and the Appartamento Borgia and the Stanze stand today.

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