Hannah montana lilly and oliver dating

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Season 3 debuted in 2008, making Emily 16 at the time and Jason, 31.Mitchell Musso's near shoulder-length hair wasn't just a staple of his on-screen character, Oliver Oken. Grandma Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Favorites7.

Ultimately car trouble not only serves to stop them in their tracks but forces Miley and Jackson to work together to get out of their jam.

14-year-old Miley Stewart has a secret identity, but she's no superhero . In order to maintain her normal family life and friendships, Miley goes to great lengths to make sure that nobody discovers that underneath her wigs and makeup, Hannah Montana is really just the girl next door.

she's the famous teen pop sensation, Hannah Montana!

Miley's chances of going on her European Tour as Hannah are in jeopardy when her grade in science slips.

So in order to pass the mid-term, she creates a song and dance routine that winds up inspiring the entire class.

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