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Redshirt Interpersonal drama is where a lot of games fall dramatically short, especially when it comes to social behavior as we know it now.

These days interaction is as much about what you do with someone as it is what you Tweet at them, and while The Sims’ relationship systems allow for a lot more subtlety than most games, Redshirt still has it beat.

Like Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Tomodachi Life relies on a real-time clock and lends itself to short, regular check-ins rather than marathon sessions.

Unfortunately, the way that Nintendo of America chose to handle Tomodachi Life’s unapologetic heteronormativity prior to its release last June left a bad taste in a lot of potential players’ mouths, so it’s fair if you would rather steer clear of this one.

To some, The Sims could be like an ant farm, set up and maintained so they can observe the creatures living within.

They emerge days later—exhausted, calm and bearing an ornate bracelet inlaid with gold and engraved with an image of an elephant stomping a dwarf into the ground.

Or maybe they’re just there for the weirdness—the sims who pass out from exhaustion in a public bathroom or decide that the best place to eat a hot dog is in the middle of a busy road.

There are very few games quite like The Sims, but depending on what it is that draws you to it, there are more than a few other games that you should check out as well.

Harvest Moon Tend to crops, animals and friendships diligently and you’ll reap the rewards; add a few charming rural festivals and that’s Harvest Moon in a nutshell.

The combination of social interaction and daily work routine in this long-running farming RPG franchise will feel very comfortable to those who like their life simulations to offer the kind of straightforward progress that reality rarely does.

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