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Shortly after telling Vanity Fair magazine that she still feels like the ‘fat kid’, the actress has attacked suggestions that her body was airbrushed to improve her shape for a glamorous cover shot for the magazine. The only tweaks, she insists, were the usual adjustments in skin shades for glamour shots.

Kate is furious at claims that her body has been airbrushed.

Instead of being merely a cynical vehicle for a celebrity chef to become a brand. The idea of wanting to make people happy may seem un-chef like, but reveals a shrewdness.

Yes, you’ll experience the theatre of dining out and you will no doubt come across flavours and tastes that you won’t have tried before but there is a confidence that whatever you select from the menu, it will be delicious.

A simple traditional dish that has effectively been ‘cheffed’ up, but with a bit of intelligent cooking delivers great results.

Whilst in season Paul is a huge fan of Game, to the extent he is frustrated it’s not used enough. They are both versatile yet underused meats and in the hands of an expert chef, can become something really special”. The (almost) tempura crispiness is finely balanced with just a hint of acid through an essential splash of Sarsons vinegar.

Crispy duck salad is a terrific lunch option if it is done properly, as it is here.

The biggest hits are the crispy scallops with mushy pea puree and the tremendous aubergine olive & garlic polenta cake.

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S loves his Black Face mutton from the chef’s own farm; a big hunk of shoulder cooked long and slow, then spiced up with a drizzle of harissa sauce and served with a stack of chargrilled peppers and courgettes and some fluffy cous cous flecked with herbs.

The menu changes regularly, depending on the time of the year and the quality of produce available.

The ‘swap for lunch’ scheme which Paul absolutely loves has been running for a number years and offers you the chance to swap your surplus home grown produce for tokens towards you’re meal.

If you are interested, ask for details the next time you are passing, but remember the more curious your produce the more you’ll get in return!

From his own current menu, Paul’s favourite starter is the crispy fried ham hock in local Loddon beer batter.

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