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Pewdiepie would start to gain media attention in 2012 as he uploaded videos of his dark humor and likable reactions to computer games, horror games however really boosted his subscriber growth.Kjellberg gained the most subscribed You Tube channel of all time on August 15, 2013, after surpassing Smosh.), better known by his You Tube username, Pew Die Pie, is a Swedish comedian, vlogger, gamer, and You Tube celebrity.He is currently the most subscribed You Tube channel with over 64.1 million subscribers and the sixth most viewed You Tube channel with over 18.2 billion video views, and was also the most viewed channel from December 29, 2014 to February 14, 2017, before being surpassed by T-Series, which ironically was the same day Pew Die Pie was dropped from You Tube Red and Maker Studios due to controversial allegations regarding anti-semitism in his videos.Like many other Call of Duty You Tubers back then, he played short clips of his best kills, adds comedic edits to his Call of Duty clips, and Call of Duty commentary.

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I own a website that teaches you how to code with HTML, CSS and Java Script. This is the first thing I did when I was first thinking about my website.Pewdiepie has also had clothing lines such as Backpacks. Since October 13, 2013, Felix has another dog named Edgar Allen Pug (Edgar or Edgy (Hard g) for short, named after poet Edgar Allan Poe).He also made a book in October 2015 called "This Book Loves You". He also has an older sister named Fanny Kjellberg who is married and has a baby. When Felix got Edgar, he was one year old, and when he came to his new home he was really nervous.Even the silliest ones, could potentially e a great idea.First off, if you haven’t already, check out my how to make a website 101 page.

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