Dating vintage christening gowns

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You can find information all over the internet about removing the tape with chemical or an iron, but this advice is generally geared toward modern pieces.

The problem with trying to remove the tape is that you may get the carrier off but the adhesive will remain in the fabric.

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It's been stored in a cardboard box for the last 50 years or so and has yellowed. If the gown or petticoat have been dyed or have dyed components, have towels on hand to blot (never wring) the textile if it does start bleeding.

If there is a piece of tape that you can do a test on and is not in a conspicuous place on the petticoat, you could try removing the tape with the heat of an iron.

Place a scrap piece of cotton on top of the tape, iron over the tape until it attaches to the scrap cloth and lift up.

The screen will then allow you to lift the textile out of the water so that you can drain the tub and fill with clean water for rinsing.

Rinse at least twice to ensure you get all the soap out.

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