Dating secrets of the ten commandments shmuley boteach

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Jared Kushner’s father Charles is a wealthy real estate developer and convicted felon who has contributed to Boteach's non-profit, the World Values Network, known until recently as the Jewish Values Network.The Observer’s editor-in-chief, Ken Kurson, also has close ties to Boteach, serving on the board of his charity, editing his columns and maintaining close ties to the PR firm that conceives his inflammatory full-page newspaper ads trashing those who diverge even slightly from the pro-Netanyahu line on Israel, including the Obama administration and former Clinton administration officials.Boteach the "rabbi" and Donald the tycoon have more in common than might seem obvious.Both are dogged by allegations of financial corruption, and both have earned notoriety in the world of reality show television while moving into politics to further their celebrity.Almost 16 years later, Boteach still appears to harbor a grudge against Rabbi Sacks, calling him “a failure” in an op-ed and blaming him for “the phenomenal growth of anti-Semitism and attacks against Israel while he was in office, without his joining the battle, [which] rendered his leadership obsolete.”In the Obama era, Boteach's invective and vindictive behavior has repelled Democratic friends, especially Cory Booker. S.-Iran agreement designed to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons, Boteach proclaimed he would never “forgive” him.Boteach has drifted to the Likudnik right-wing, cultivating relationships with oligarchs and power players like Adelson and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.In the campaign ahead, his job will likely consist of applying the kosher stamp to a candidate who enjoys enthusiastic support from leading neo-Nazis including Matthew Heimbach and David Duke, has personally promoted screeds by white nationalists, and recently included an open white supremacist on his California delegate list.

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The two barnstormed across the country, regaling crowds with jocular buddy comedy and earnest ruminations about black-Jewish relations.

Just as Boteach defended Cruz when he was accused of engaging in coded antisemitism for slamming “New York values,” Boteach is now defending Trump against critics who accuse him of making antisemitic comments (“You [Jews] are not going to support me because I don’t want your money”) and exhibiting fascist tendencies.

By insinuating himself into the company of Trump’s family, Boteach has appointed himself Trump’s top Jewish surrogate.

Shmuley Boteach promotes himself as “America’s rabbi” and “the most famous rabbi in America.” A man of many hustles, he has inserted himself as political liaison to far-right pro-Israel casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, close confidante of Senator Ted Cruz, spiritual guide to Michael Jackson, pal of Oprah Winfrey, soulmate of Eli Wiesel, buddy of Senator Cory Booker, star of his own reality TV show, and bestselling self-help author of .

This month Boteach scrambled between a meeting with Donald Trump, whose candidacy for president he recently endorsed, and a ritzy gala for his own organization, thrown on the solemn Holocaust Memorial Day, at which he bestowed special honors on the former "Baywatch" star Pamela Anderson and Yoko Ono, among other dignitaries.

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