Dating communication issues

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Though the differences between verbal and nonverbal communication have been known for many years, rigorous research on both forms of communication only began in the 1960s.

Initially, researchers viewed verbal and nonverbal behaviors as separate channels that are independently coded and capable of transmitting different types of messages with different meanings and functions.

A couple may recognize when areas of concern are present in the relationship, but they may not attribute these difficulties to poor communication.

This type of communication aims to teach people to use language that is objective and report what they observe, feel, and need before making a request.

Reflective statements are often used by therapists to let people in therapy know that they are being understood and to help them clarify their own thoughts and words.

Further, because of cultural differences, an issue that is considered to be a communication problem by an individual from one culture may not be found problematic in the least by an individual from another culture.

A person experiencing illness or distress may grow tired of communicating issues to one health care professional after another or find it difficult to describe a particular issue, and this can become a barrier to treatment.

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