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When you voluntarily offer info, he’ll likely feign concern but then quickly move to the physical. While this one seems obvious, we’ve talked to a lot of women who’ve ignored this flag because they thought they could “fix” a guy’s wanton ways.

For example, you tell him you had a bad day and he’ll say, “I’m sorry babe,” move in for a kiss, and whisper, “Why don’t you let me make it all better? The he’ll-change-for-me attitude is certainly romantic, but the odds are not in your favor.

Since players are adept at reading and maneuvering women’s emotions, keep yourself in check: Focus on what you like about him besides his promises of 2.5 beautiful children he’ll send to the best private schools. While players will talk about the far-off future you supposedly have together, they usually avoid discovering you in the present.

If your guy’s not asking the basic questions, like how many siblings you have or what hobbies you enjoy, it may be because he’s only interested knowing you in the biblical sense.

It seems as though there are new people to meet and new potential dates with every step we take or double tap we make on our phones. Come on, guys — our generation really isn't all that creative.

So, keep a lookout for the signals below and have the self-confidence to move on and find a man who treats you like a precious gem, not just another rock to kick around. If a guy is keeping a running list of the women he’s “had,” sex is obviously less about the individual girl and more about his ability to vanquish territory.

We’ve heard of men keeping sex diaries detailing every intimate encounter they’ve had, and while a guy may track this info in his head, if he writes it down it may mean he anticipates his list will grow too long for him to remember.

Falling victim is easier than it sounds because players are smooth — after all, they’ve been practicing since puberty.

They know just what to say and do to make you think you’ve found your very own Prince Charming — which is why it’s hard to move on when you begin to recognize that your guy’s more Don Juan than “happily ever after.” The truth is, if he sounds too good to be true, he probably is.

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