Dating antique peters cartridge boxes

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Its got pictures of the kind of boxes and gives approximate ages for the boxes. I did bookmark the site, but its probably easier to look in either the older revolvers section or the lounge (I forget witch) and go look at the site yourselves.Thanks to Randy Hedeen, we now have a great guide to identify when cartridge boxes from Peters were manufactured!FOR USE WITH MODELS 12, 42, 97 TAKE-DOWN BOXES, ALSO FOR.

Please check back frequently as our inventory is constantly growing, or see our full list of new arrivals Original Boxes - Title One Hundred Years of Winchester Cartridge Boxes, 1856. Ctdg Collectors Assn, Kansas Ctdg Collectors Assn., Michigan Antique Arms. B 30195 WINCHESTER AMMUNITION, EZXS 22 LONG RIFLE MATCH CARTRIDGES.I would be delighted if Randy has time and energy to do a similar guide for Remington boxes, but strtictly at his convenience.It would be nice if someone did one eventually for Winchester.

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