Dating a divorced person dating violence questions

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But if he hadn't messed up by showing his mean side. Somethimes people see just whats out there, and they think maybe what I had wasn't so bad. It depends on the reason for the divorce and how long ago it was; how long they were separated before the divorce, etc.

I think if the person has moved on and has dated others since their divorce, there shouldn't be an issue with it.

I myself will not base my decision on any girl because of some generalized data. And, you also have to look at this perspective; if the person you're interested in was truly matched well with their divorced spouse, then you'd not have an/the opportunity anyway...

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Chances are fairly slim, but love is totally unpredictable.I have kids, so obviously it'd be silly for me to not consider a divorcee who has them as well.Financial issues can come into play, but that is a reality that exists regardless of a prior marriage or not, it doesn't matter where the debt came from, it's there or it isn't, it's an issue or it isn't.Divorced People Are Not Damaged Goods.okay, so i am still pretty young, but i have dated a recently divorced person. We had a very good time and we dated for a while, aside from the occasional references to his ex, our time together was great.He didnt really ever complain about the whole woman race or anything like that. We ended up breaking up because he had to move to keep his job, but we are still friends today. First, although I haven't been married, it hasn't been due to any reservations regarding it on my part; my reservations towards marriage have been due specfically to the actions of particular girlfriends.

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