Dating a capricorn male

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By late August into October, your “future-affecting” choices will be clear, and your path among them even clearer. Whatever else occurs, Scorpio, the two weeks ahead fill you with hope and social joys. 18) you should avoid starting anything new, contacts, relationships, negotiations, projects, even purchases.But I don’t mean lock yourself away to do all this self-examination — if fact, I advise the opposite. Your popularity will rise, and your heart will be gladdened by human contact, especially festive ones. morning might bring temptation or private fantasies.) Be home or in touch with family — and guard/enhance your security — Tues. Again, a smooth interval, except for two somewhat major but hard-to-pin-down influences. But the main accent lies on ambition, career, prestige relations, world standing and neighbourhood reputation, until Aug. (You’ll be unconsciously drawn to lemons.) New projects/relationships will be subject to defeating delays, indecision, and lack of right supplies or “no shows.” Instead, protect ongoing projects by double-checking appointments and phone numbers, ensuring supplies are on hand, re-reading instructions, etc.A past money source, or a friendly, bubbly ex-flame might return. This week, you could be very attracted to someone sexually Mon./Tues., could encounter stress in your marriage or with practical partners Tues./Wed., and experience an intense but problematic attraction (love/hate? This can lead to a magic sort of attraction during this interval, especially Tues. Romance, creative surges, a risk-taking mood, beauty and the lure of pleasure fill Tuesday afternoon through Thurs. — this person “fits well” with your path in life, your destiny.with sweet notions — but all “solid advances” in love, creative zones come in the intellectual or cultural side. Good, get going — but first separate the necessary, routine work from the inventive or new work. Start no new projects or relationships, nor purchase anything important before Aug. Until then, protect ongoing concerns from the delays, false starts, second thoughts and “no shows” of this period.Sunday flows well, and you’re favoured for relationship action/agreement Mon. Your career and reputation wind through this short interval, almost like a warning or a temptation. If this is an old flame, decide whether he/she will up-heave your life, or enrich it. A medical condition might need a professional diagnosis.

START NOTHING: am to am Sun., am to pm Tues., and am Thurs. ALL SIGNS: Mercury turns retrograde this Wed., July 25, until the night of August 18.

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(And how else would you meet that ex-lover who wants more? (PDT) brings errands, trips, visits, calls and communications. morning brings problems, perhaps with work or health (digestion? One, strongest Tues./Wed., causes disruptions in relationships, romance, sex, finances — yet also starts a “new world” in these. This is very much a “stitch in time saves nine” period. Delays, false starts and indecision will prevail, especially in legal, travel, media, cultural and intellectual zones — which are also your major interests until late August.

The other influence, strongest Thurs., promotes love and hate — mostly love in your case, since it involves romance, friends and hopes. Anticipate problems and solve them before they appear. (PDT) favours money — chase it, pay old bills and collect old debts. Higher-ups continue to favour you until early August.

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