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Stephanie March began reprising her role of ADA Alexandra Cabot in the same episode.

The making of the episode "Lunacy" was covered in detail by authors Susan Green and Randee Dawn.

However, her last SVU appearance was in the sixth season which depicted her as still living in hiding.

When asked if her reintroduction to SVU would finally explain how she got out of the witness protection program, March answered "I think this will be nice and neat and make sense." The season finale "Zebras" was the last episode to star Mike Doyle.

This character has a lot of brain power and her vocabulary is different than mine." Despite appearing in the opening credits for every Season 10 episode, Mc Manus' role only lasted for the first half of the season.

The assessment Neal Baer gave was that "Sometimes the part and the actor just don't mesh." Mc Manus departed in the episode "Lead".

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