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The first has no gap between "PAT & 2" whereas the second base has a gap.

In mid 1946, two changes occurred, The first was that the size of the lighter was reduced by 1mm (0.04"), the second was the introduction of Chrome plating.

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In 1979 an error was made and the slash was removed from the left instead of the right 1974-1981 Dating guide 1982 saw the use of the reverse solidus (or backslash) and this continued in use until mid 1986.

The appearance of the word Zippo in the bottom stamp provides another clue to dating.

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The "O" of Zippo now sits almost perfectly above the "E" of Made, and the vertical line of the "B" in Bradford lines up with the vertical line in the second "P" of Zippo.Originally this was intended as a quality control record, so that lighters returned for repair could be identified as to when they were manufactured and if, for example, a number of lighters were returned with the same fault then Zippo could identify a possible defect in the manufacturing process or even a supplier of one of the components.As there were some alterations to the positioning of the text on the bottom line, some codes were used twice, therefore close attention should be paid to the text on the bottom line for lighters with 7 or 8 dots.Have you ever imagined being able to watch the hottest chicks from the world who are trying to find people who would like to have some nice fun with them?!If you believe the site is the right one for you then you can buy the credits you need and when you need.

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