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A second later his bike hit my table and he grabbed my laptop. I stood on the street and cursed my stupidity in fighting over a laptop (no Carole, no evidence of global conspiracies there). A few days later, as I was typing on my laptop inside the same cafe, the same scene played out.I grabbed it back, we wrestled, he nearly fell off his bike and after a half second pause when I thought ‘fuckhesabouttogetoffhisbikehithimfirst’ he whizzed off down the pavement nearly smashing into someone on the pavement. I saw it through the window as a guy grabbed a laptop from a girl and whizzed off. These two incidents have happened after a spate of knife attacks in the half a square mile around this cafe and the colonisation of Rosemary Gardens by various gangs at various times of the day.

I looked up and my eyes locked on those of someone driving their scooter into my table in about one second’s time.

Between 20, the automaker stated that it decreased incidents leading to days away, work restrictions, or job transfers by 83%, to an all-time low of 1.55 incidents per 100 full-time North American employees.

“Investing in the latest ergonomics research, assembly improvements and lift assist technologies has helped design efficient and safe assembly lines…” said Bruce Hettle, the automaker’s group vice president for manufacturing and labor affairs.

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A solid-colored sheath dress is a white canvas, on which you may splash color–or not. This little jacket (last seen here) is still available online in a number of sizes, at a very reasonable price now that it’s on further sale. Crew introduced into its lineup that looks close enough to a good basic, but had been… Traffic data of visitors are collected for statistical purposes but not shared with third parties who are not sponsors or affiliates.

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