Are we officaly dating

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Maybe you’re not officially my boyfriend, but that doesn’t mean you should be seeing other people.

Just because we’re not official doesn’t mean we’re nothing.

When you eventually hook up, you already feel like you spend a ton of time together since you see each other on a daily basis, so things get serious pretty fast. The connection is the important thing, not where it takes place.

So stop worrying and the guy you’re just “hanging out” with might just become your new boyfriend.

Obviously you have something with her too, so what is it? She might be cool with it, but that doesn’t mean I have to be.

She’s not your girlfriend yet, but you’re not just friends either, so what are you? I won’t judge you for the way you date, I just don’t want to be a part of it.

There really shouldn’t be any need to rush into anything – however, it’s important to be realistic.

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If there are feelings there, it hurts all the same. Because if there are problems already, then we’re just headed into an unhealthy relationship. I’m not interested in anything casual and you know that. Sex isn’t casual to me, so if it means nothing to you then we’re going to have a problem. Every relationship is different, but I take my love life very seriously.Maybe I’m a little old fashioned, but I prefer to date one guy at a time and for the guy I’m dating to do the same.If you’re wondering if what you’re doing is wrong, it probably is. You’re wondering if it’s wrong because part of you feels wrong. You need to care about me more than you care about the temptation, that’s the key. While we’re taking the time to figure out if we want to commit to each other, why can’t you just focus on me? I want to figure out if this is real, and in order to do that, it needs to just be you and me. I don’t want my heart to break even harder because I found out that right after you slept with me you jumped into bed with someone else.I’m not into love triangles and I’m not into drama, so don’t pull that BS on me. Maybe we aren’t officially together, but I thought we were something. If you’re dating someone else, is she aware of the fact that you’re dating me too?

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