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Not only is a heartbeat a good sign that your baby is healthy, it also has many different applications in the medical field.A baby’s heartbeat can be used to find abnormalities in the child, and can also be used determine how far along you are in your pregnancy.The baby is inside of a gestational sac, and the heart rate of the baby is used in the following ways: For decades, this was the go-to boy or girl predictor.Many women around the world used this method to predict the sex of their baby.As we discussed earlier, the heart rate of the child will be elevated during the early pregnancy, which would indicate that every baby is a girl.

Doctors know that myocardium begins approximately three weeks after conception.While comforting, these monitors are only effective to a point.If you’re very early on in your pregnancy, these “dopplers” will barely be able to a pick up on your baby’s heartbeat.Logic alone isn’t enough to prove that this method doesn’t work.A medical study was conducted in 2006 to prove that the FHR rate during the first trimester is not significantly different between female or male babies.

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