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The only time you should see her again is if there is guaranteed sex. Men do not have the same luxury as innocent until proven guilty. This isn’t to say that some of them aren’t very nice, have been screwed over by ex-husbands, or would be very great mates.

Continuing to pursue her will just cost you more money and waste more of your time. Men are tried, labeled, and accused with little discretion. How do you know she’s not looking for a support figure? Think of all that, and realize that the odds are stacked against you. She won’t go for the Hail Mary (more on that below). But if you’re just looking to get laid, they are a definite off-limits.

Overall, This is solid principles when it comes to getting laid with less money. Leykis 101 Leykis 101 students are cautioned against spending more than on a date.

The reasoning behind this is Leykis’ opinion that more money spent during a date will not necessarily lead to a better chance of sex, contrary to the belief of most ‘uninformed’ men.

Dispose of the used condom by flushing it down the toilet. If you use the hot sauce method, and you hear her scream, take your stuff and RUN.

When she gives an answer, like “Oh, I was thinking about ”, you make your move.If nothing’s happened in 3 dates, it’s time to move on.The chances of you sleeping with her by now is very low. laws mostly favor woman and will very rarely will it protect a man’s right.Disclaimer: Most of it is updated, based on his new show and he added new rules with the Today's technology.Most are straight up game, some of them are very debatable, based on the each individual perspective.

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